Call to Action Examples

Let’s be honest about Marketing…

The Internet provides us with a great opportunity to market our products or services to a mass audience, all at the same time on multiple platforms.

Being a business owner you need to generate an income by providing your target market the necessary products or services they need to make a sale. It’s vital that online business owners, present themselves in the best possible way, using the correct words to describe what they do, and why the prospect should buy from them, (and not your competitor), right now! Using that call to action.

I want you to take a minute to think about your marketing strategy…

Recently, I bought a book and I immediately made some textual changes to my company website(s) based upon the content provided in this amazing book which is called “Words that Sell” by Richard Bayan.

The great thing about this book is that it’s perfect for people who are pressed for time, and need to take immediate action with their sales copy. The great thing about this book is that you can flick through the pages and grab ‘golden nuggets,’ to add straight to your website, or sales letter, immediately!

Phrases like:

  • You’re the one who benefits…
  • You’ll just have to experience it for yourself…
  • Rather than simply reading about it, why don’t you try it?
  • It’s time for action…
  • Why wait another day?
  • Take this important first step…
  • Your satisfaction is our business…
  • Start reaping the ­­­­­­_________ benefits Today! …and much, Much More!

The lessons that I learned as I read through many of the call to action examples were:

1) You may think that you’re using the right words to sell your product or service, (as I was of the same belief prior to reading this book), but there is always a more active phrase that starts with a verb, that can drive a better response, and generate that call to action.

2) Have fun–if your current text copy isn’t working as well as you thought it should, then tweak it by using some of the suggested phrases in this amazing book, to see if a different word, or phrase, sparks a different reaction with your reader. It’s exciting to see what a little change can do, and enough changes can add up to one big success sales campaign.

I have to say that this book is a great reference to keep handy regardless of whether you’re selling a product or a service.

Read what people are saying about the book:

“Whenever I have to draft copy, I page through it for ideas. To sell your product (in my case books), you have to describe it in (glowing) terms that relate to the needs of the potential buyer. Bayan, describes Grabbers (heads, salutations, invitations, openings, transitions), Descriptions and Benefits, Clinchers (persuasion and decision), Terms & Offers (discounts, freebies, trials, guarantees), and Special Strategies (company image, justifying a high price, knocking the competition, using demographics, flattering the reader, and appealing for contributions).

Each section has pages of suggested phrasing. The appendix contains puff speak-and its alternatives, wordy expressions, commonly confused words and more. This is not a book you read; it is a quick reference.”

Richard Bayan is a full-time copywriter who shares his collection of ‘WORDS THAT SELL‘ in these pages.

‘Words That Sell,’ provides you with gripping golden nuggets that you need to effectively promote your product or service online, or even offline, in your marketing campaign. The book lists over 2,500 high-powered words, phrases, and slogans that will grab the attention of any target audiences.

The book is broken down into quick reference categories that include: headers, slogans, salutations, appeals, challenges, clinchers, grabbers, invitations, persuasion, questions, services, statements, transitions, convenience, discounts, improvements, money-making, money-saving, peace of mind, pleasure, reliability, satisfaction, excitement, experience, and much, much more!

Although the book was published in 2006, it’s still a classic and a must have book for anyone who has something to promote, or sell.

Don’t make the same mistake with your copy, when you knew it didn’t work the last time.

I know my copy of this book is going to stay right next to my computer, so I can grab that call to action phrase, or word, whenever I need it.

Power up your marketing!

It is the best choice for any marketer

Start reaping the benefits, Today! Download the Kindle edition

In short, you have nothing to lose

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