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How to gain “Likes” on Facebook for your business…

Be Likable!

Social Media Like Buttons with a Hand Cursor ClickingWhen you first explore the possibilities of social media, the best recommendation is to concentrate on four key concepts: Listen, (always keep listening, and never stop.) Be transparent, (this is social media on the Internet, where people can find out anything and everything about you, and your business.) Be responsive, (no one likes to wait, not even you?) Be likable, (no room on Facebook to be obnoxious or arrogant, you’re among friends.)


The biggest shift that has occurred with social media is the ability to listen to what your customers and prospects are saying publicly about you and your business. By listening you can be informed, as well as being prepared, for what the chatter is related to you on social media. You can design your marketing and advertising campaigns by acknowledging your customers that you’re listening, and taking notes, and any concerns or objectives that they have, will be reviewed. Before you talk, listen, and never stop listening.


You prefer people to be honest and completely transparent with you, so why not be honest and transparent about your business. Companies and industries are secretive, even dishonest, about aspects of their business. Embrace transparency and openness. Be honest when you mess up or when things don’t go as planned. The Internet becomes more transparent with each passing day. So, be transparent, it will be incredibly beneficial to you and your business. After all we are all human and people understand that no one is perfect and things do happen in life.


The world is telling you about their wants and needs that your business can help them with. People everywhere are discussing their problems that you can solve better than your competitor. Every time a customer or prospect talks publicly on a social network, that’s an opportunity for you to respond to them and engage in the conversation. Even if it’s only to say hello! However when you don’t despond that’s like putting someone on hold on the phone, and never getting back to them. It gives off a negative impression letting them know you don’t care. Not only that, businesses are all getting savvy to the knowledge that social media is where you must be today, in order to reach your target market. Don’t leave the door wide open for your competitor to reply to a potential prospect instead. Time is money! Every time that you do respond, you have an opportunity to make a good positive impression on a customer, prospects, and on all of their friends, and their friends, and their friends, friends.

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By: Fay B. Castro

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