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Branding Is Now a Major Ranking Factor

Branding Everything has changed on the World Wide Web.

Today! Like it or not, you’re competing on the web against major household brand names– The Big guys who have millions of dollars to spend on Advertising.

Because of the Power of Social Media it’s not just who you know but…who knows you as in referrals…

The first step is that you have to admit that you have access to the same “Marketing” building materials as your competitors to promote your brand.

If you’re going to make radical transitions in your life or organization, you first have to stop making excuses and admit you control and have access to the same marketing tools/platforms as others.

A decade ago posting a properly optimized websites was all it took to achieve ranking. Today’s internet audiences are far more savvy and sophisticated. Today’s websurfers prefer video and photos to text, hence the popularity of Pinterest.

You need to learn how to do the same thing that everybody else is doing, BUT do it in a way that gets you better results. (Don’t re-invent the wheel, improve on it.)

Something that worked last year is not working today. And it’s even more accurate when it comes to SEO and Google .

Today you need to think outside the box and apply methods, strategies and techniques that gets your brand recognized and it being the biggest leverage of your efforts, time and money.

If you want to rank and drive real traffic, you need to build your online brand.

Say you’re a local hair stylist trying to rank for your best keywords. You won’t ever have brand recognition equal to that of Vidal Sassoon. But you can have an amazingly strong web brand for your local market. And if you do, you’re much more likely to rank higher in the search engines.

How can you build a local marketing brand?

What constitutes a strong brand offline? Well, you might have printed ads in your local magazine, newspaper, or maybe on the radio or on television.

Google is trying to accomplish the same thing online. The search engine crawlers are evaluating everything they can find pertaining to your brand, including your website content, press releases, videos, presentations, PDFs, webinars, podcasts, articles, and Social Media.

The more varied content that you have, about your brand, and the more frequently this content is verified as quality content and its relevancy to your target market, the better the Google crawlers will be able to authenticate your brand. And by defining your brand as an industry leader, the better your site’s rankings will be.

Focus more on your content variety and distribution — both onsite and offsite – and less on the volume of back links to your site. You want to get your videos found and shared on YouTube, by utilizing Social Media. Your presentation slides should be shared on SlideShare. Share your content on relevant sites and be a guest blogger on other high ranking sites, etc.

These links on other platforms will have much more authority and represent a branding citation that will boost your SEO.

The take home lesson is, it’s not only important to create useful content and build that brand awareness, you need to take note of what works. You also need to attempt to find ways to build momentum on your site and follow-up with more of the same!

Google is becoming more and more like a social networking site, and less like a search engine. So keep that in mind the next time you promote your business online.

The bottom line is that while SEO is not dead, it has changed so radically in the past few years that the rules of the game have changed. If you want to win, you need to adjust your approach and start creating compelling content that both the search engine bots and the public want to view.

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By: Fay B. Bolton.

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