Brain Energy

We are more alike than we think.

No matter what color our skin, we are 99 percent plus alike. Our genetic material is similar to one another.

There is a tiny group of cells in our Left Hemisphere of our brain that Says “I am.” As soon as you say those words “I am,” you become an individual.

Then your brain starts to look at the other person’s differences from you. We give a lot of power to that because it has language.

The Right Hemisphere of our brain now starts looking for the similarities. It recognizes that we are Energy!

Right Hemisphere:

  • Present Moment
  • “Being”
  • Thinks in Pictures

Left Hemisphere:

  • Thinks in Language
  • Past & Future
  • “Doing”

You cannot succeed to the energy you need to be, if you’re surrounded by energy that brings you down. (Negative people and environment).

Not only are you responsible for the energy you bring, you’re also responsible for the energy you surround yourself with.

So, surround yourself with employees that bring you positive energy so your customer’s are aware and feel this positive energy, so your business will succeed.

Keep in Mind

The non-verbal communication. Only 10 percent of communication is actual words.

What is the tone of voice telling you?

What is their body saying?

What is their energy projecting?

Fay B. Castro

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