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Target Market Example

What is Target Market Target marketing allows you to focus your marketing dollars and brand awareness on a specific market that is more likely to purchase your product or service. Whatever your product is, there is a specific market for it. The more fine- tuned you are in defining your target market, the better chance

Article Syndication

The Juice Power of Backlinks. Writing articles with backlinks to rank in article directories – is dead. This method of back linking was destroyed by the Google Panda updates. The amount of traffic and income you will generate from writing articles for directories is simply not worth the time or the effort any more. Using

The Art of Writing a Great Sales Letter

Read what the masters of persuasion had to say about crafting a winning sales letter to sell a product or service. Apply these rules to your landing pages and other offers to receive maximum results from your copy. These masters of persuasion perfected the art of the sales letter starting in the 19th century with

Brand Identity Guidelines

What is Your Brand Identity? Today, I’m going to provide you with valuable and much needed information if you’re just getting started in business, or even if you’ve been in business for a while. This post features tips that I recommend taking into consideration by every website and business owner out there. These suggestions will

Social Media in Business

Advantages of Social Media Users on Social media sites choose what they like, what they want to see, and what they want to interact with. In other words, users connect with social media on a personal one–on–one level. As a business owner, if you only use social media to post links to your blog or

What is Marketing?

Marketing is defined to be, “The Art of Selling”. Marketing is a business card, an advertisement, a brochure, a press release, a website. And more recently, Marketing is Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus accounts, etc. Marketing is that relationship that connects a business with a consumer. It’s about your business and what

Understanding Human Communication

Communication Styles- Understanding Brain Personalities when Selling… If you are trying to drive information into someone else’s brain, make sure they understand what it means. Sounds simple right? But let me explain… Ever had those moments when someone is explaining something to you verbally, and you just don’t get it? It won’t register in your

Business Facebook

How to gain “Likes” on Facebook for your business… Be Likable! When you first explore the possibilities of social media, the best recommendation is to concentrate on four key concepts: Listen, (always keep listening, and never stop.) Be transparent, (this is social media on the Internet, where people can find out anything and everything about

Advertising Strategies to Women

Social Values Step away from the predictable “product” as being the hero, in your advertising and marketing campaign, and focus on the end user. A woman and her needs! Recognize that women have multiple roles to play in life, and embrace it in a positive way. Don’t portray women as being stressed out, frazzled, or

Create Facebook Page

10 Tips to being Successful on Facebook! 1. Listen! If you want to pay attention, (and you should,) to what is being said about your product or service, visit social media sites and type in the search bar, keywords related to your product, service, business, or brand name. To listen to what customer’s are saying

Marketing to Women Concept

Why Women? For a man, a purchase is fun; for a woman, it’s functionality. Therefore, two completely different mindsets, resulting in two completely different marketing strategies. Women carefully consider the end result, want to be listened to, and want to be taken seriously. They want to read the material, and think about it. They want

Selling Techniques to Women

Reading her body signals correctly can make or break a sale…     Even a man, who is an excellent salesperson, can be way off base in terms of understanding a women and being able to read her body language as soon as she walks through your front door. When a women nods her head up

Benefits of Listening on Social Media

Social Media Listening A better understanding of how your customers use your products (or don’t use them) can help you make critical changes to your offering, and / or how you communicate with them. By listening, you can uncover new opportunities you wouldn’t of even possibly thought of, or discover features you thought would have

Social Media Explained

Advantages of Social Media The Facebook world is not about broadcasting your message and getting the largest reach and frequency,  it’s about tapping into the conversation, listening, listening some more, then engaging, and being the authority in your field, or industry. The loudest biggest spenders do not win the prize anymore. The smartest, most astute

What is Blogging

Blogging Website They’re more than 181 million blogs in the world as of 2012. And over 45 billion pages indexed on Google alone. In order to be successful with a blog, you need to provide valuable content for your target audience, write consistently (at least twice a week), and provide a truly interactive atmosphere. With

Persuasive Marketing to Women

Is your product appealing to women? The first major step in marketing is, naming your product creation something that sounds appealing to women. Women buy on emotions, so appeal to her gut. When a woman is shopping at the mall, she’ll take advantage of the opportunity to buy a few additional purchases and run a

Small Business Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy Speak to their needs. Wait! Don’t click away yet, this post contains some good stuff. Trust me ok? First let me illustrate a marketing strategy analogy so you understand what this post is focusing on. I’m borrowing this one but I believe it explains a marketing strategy, perfectly? “If you’re going to go

Professional Image

Personal Image Could your overall personal image you project make a difference to the number of sales you close? Does your overall image need a makeover? If you have a low self-image no matter how you dress, your body language and your energy will stop people from being attracted to you. Changing your outward appearance

Web Color Chart

Colors Convey Expression and Meaning Make sure the colors you chose send a message that fit with your brand attributes. For example, if you need to build trust and credibility, choose medium tones of the color blue to convey this message. When creating your visual identity on your website, business cards, logo, handouts, etc., keep