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How to Make a Good Video

Video Marketing to Achieve Results… A good video squashes other forms of marketing. It gets the most sales, the most traffic, and it causes the most BUZZ! Put your prospects in front of your video to get a reaction. Video lets your viewers know exactly what you are all about. You want to be speaking

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Website Analysis Report!

Contact us to get started with your keyword phrases for your website!                                 SEO is about enhancing a web site in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from prospects conducting a search using the search bar

Website Visitors

Does your Site have Online Visitor Appeal? Your website is your online storefront for your website visitors and the entire world to see. It’s vitally important to put as much design thought into your virtual storefront as you would to attract customers into your brick and mortar store. Everything you write on the web should

Writing Articles

What is Writing Articles for Article Syndication? It’s amazing how many people hate to write on their own blog and would rather use someone else’s content as a way of building content on their own site. As we all know, using someone else’s content on your blog, you run the risk of Copyright laws and a hefty fine

Promotion Product

Product Promotion Giveaway There’s a reason why for years Estee Lauder Company set the standard with their “Gift-With-Purchase” Promotion Product strategy, that is now widespread throughout not only the cosmetics industry, but many other industries as well. The attraction of ‘something for nothing’ has always enticed consumers. Doesn’t it make sense to appeal to their basic desire? First and foremost, everybody wants

Constant Content

Constant Content

Marketing Objectives Compelling and Useful Constant Content… Interesting sites will increase their recognition in the search engine rankings on their own through high quality website content writing, that is informative and has a solution to a problem, or answers someone’s question. Creating compelling Constant Content and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factors

Seven Second Rule

Seven Seconds to Impact. We’ve discussed this before but I cannot emphasis how important this is. “The seven second rule.” Within a time span of 7 seconds, you have already decided whether or not you like someone you encounter – and they have made that same judgment about you! While within 30 seconds they’ve made at

Email Marketing Best Practices

What’s Your Email Marketing Plan? Email Marketing Best Practices is one of the most important elements to consider in your email marketing arsenal. A value filled eBook or White Paper that motivates people to willingly give you their email address as soon as they land on your website, or blog is what action you want your visitors to take. Drop

Sales and Marketing Plan

Marketing, Sales and Public Relations. Every business has to embrace a Sales and Marketing Plan as well as a public relations person, or team, to rise above their competition. People buy people. Romancing your prospects through the “sale funnel” to becoming your client best friend is about being of service, approachable and engage-able. “Know”  “like” and “trust”

Customer Retention Strategies

Customer Retention Definition After providing excellent service after the first contact, the next step is to help them remember that you are there for them when they have a question, or a concern. Staying in the spotlight is a huge part of customer service. If you are right there when your customer thinks of calling

Customer Relationship Marketing

The Secrets Of Making People LIKE You! “People forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou. Relationship Marketing. If you come across something, such as an article, blog post, product or service, that you think someone might be interested in seeing, let

Search Engine Optimizing

Google Search Engine Optimization You have to know that the most important aspect of a website receiving visitor’s is search engine optimizing. Keep in mind that search engine optimization is one of the most important marketing tools for the website without which it is not possible for any website to succeed in the online marketplace.

Effective Listening Skills

Active Listening Skills. Often, people are so busy deciding how they plan to respond to someone’s comments made in a conversation; they do not fully actively listen to what is being said, therefore not using effective listening skills. Demonstrate that you are actually interested in what that person has to say by making eye contact,

Web Video Production

Marketing with Video  Effective Internet Marketing offers two types of video production. Whiteboard and Animation. Video has one big advantage: the “look at this!” factor. Video is wonderfully easy to share through email, post to social networks, or embed on blogs and web pages. It’s just a great way to get attention for your product

Content is King

Strategic Content also known as Content Targeting What does “strategic content” mean? In a nutshell, so to speak, it means creating content that drives the user to a specific goal, or Action! Content targeting. Each and every page on your website or blog, should have one goal or one desired task you want your users/

Call to Action Examples

Call to Action Buttons… Make sure to include a Call to Action (CTA) in both the sidebar (widget area) of your website or blog, as well as on every individual page, and blog post you publish. In addition, include a call to action image button, with text, with a call to action message. Include a

Multi Screen Media

If you’re ready to Crack the Code to Multi-Screen Campaigns, here are Some Ways to Start: Courtesy of  ✔ Make sure your brand messaging is consistent across TV, tablets and mobile phones. Think about the call to action in your TV ads: Does it promote discovery at the point of action? ✔ Make sure your

Buzz Marketing

Shoppers Today Want to Be: Smarter More Informed Better Choices Save Money Shoppers today want to explore and think about how products can improve their lives. There also driven to bond with others and enrich relationships as they learn. Today’s consumer is knowledgeable, before they even reach the shelf. They find incredible detail online, from

How to Sell a Product

How to Sell a Product and/or Service Online… The hardest part about generating any kind of lead is getting prospects to contact you in the first place. If you’re just starting out and no one knows who you are, this may seem impossible. Like every other person selling a service, you want to make a