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Meta Description and Social Media

Why do I need to use social media metadata tags in my social media marketing?

Meta description rankingSocial media marketing is one of the single most influential tools that a marketer possesses today. Many business have reached great levels of success solely through marketing using these powerful information channels.

There really is no “secret” in how to establish a dominant presence on social media; the real key lies in the writing of unique informative quality content, and of course a good quality product and/or service, and be tuned in to the social trends and happenings of your prospects. Plus, include high resolution photographs or videos that is eye catching and appealing, and include a call to action in your post.

So here are the reasons you need to use metadata in your social media posts:

Search engines send out their spider bots to constantly crawl online content, to which there is a vast amount, and return social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., as well as actual web pages for relevancy for the actual keyword or phrase typed in the search bar by your future prospect.

If your social media metadata is missing high-value keywords and phrases, or it’s totally nonexistent, your company/service post may not show up in the organic search results at all.


<meta name=”description” content=”155 characters of message matching text with a call to action goes here”>

The metadata tags (example above,) also determine how your content looks when shared in other contexts. It is crucial to control the wording of your content when shared across social networks in order to maximize your brand reach and increase click-through rate.

Meta Description – If your new webpage or post (if using WordPress which I highly recommend,) were a commercial, what would be its slogan?

Here is a video with Matt Cutts from Google Webmasters that explains, ‘How much time should I spend on meta tags, and which ones matter?’

In a recent study, it was found that 43.2% of people click on a given result due to the meta description. (Your slogan for that post.) View example below.

Meta description




The meta description above displayed after I did a search in Google search bar for the keyword phrase ‘Social Media Marketing.’ This site ranked because its meta description contains ‘social media’ and the word ‘social’ twice in the meta description tag. And the page actually contains the word ‘social media’ nine times and the word ‘marketing’ six time, and the word ‘market’ twice. So the Google bots knew to display that page meta data to me as a possible search result I was looking for.

That sites page fit the criteria for ranking on the first page of Google for those specific keywords, ‘Social Media Marketing. Also the sites URL is

Gone are the days of meta descriptions stuffed with keywords, and they are none existent in the quality content. The main purpose of meta description text is to draw the user in, let them know what to expect when they click on that link and read your post. If you have done a great job on your meta tag and you have that strong call to action to convince them to visit your post, make sure you provide them with the content they were seeking, whether that’s an answer to a question, or to learn more about a specific topic.

The challenge is you get 155 characters to make it happen; think of it as like writing a tweet, but with 15 extra characters.

Don’t let your content rust, and don’t do sporadic social media marketing. Aim for quality informative content where you give a lot of good stuff (knowledge) away for free, and also remember consistency.

Remember: One social media post that contains an attractive image or video, may go viral and cause a huge spike in your website page traffic that may result in better placement in the search rankings. Then only a week later you may find your site has slipped back to Page 2 of the search results.

All of the most recent research agrees that although social media signals don’t have a direct effect on SEO, they are certainly well correlated. Content that is shared on Facebook thousands of times is more likely to be shared through blogs and other media, where Google will give credit for the link (which can help boost rankings). If you want to boost your social signals and possibly increase your SEO ranking, start with this checklist:

  • Use social media to promote your content.
  • Engage with your audience on social media, and create genuine relationships with them.
  • Add the relevant social metadata tags to every piece of content you publish.
  • Find, follow, and engage with influencers.
  • Make all your content shareable.

If I searched for “sunglasses,” I would undoubtedly get a different result than you would. That’s because of the relationships we have with different brands. If I have engaged with Ray-Ban, on Twitter and Oakley, on Facebook, and also purchased sunglasses from Amazon, you can bet those companies will show up higher in my results, because those brands are more relevant to me. I have a brand relationship with them, and a cookie trail has been planted in the browser that I use.


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