Affordable SEO

Affordable SEO

FIRST! How Much Does it Truly Cost to Build a Website?

Building a website on the internet, to get noticed among millions (350,000,000) of other websites, for small and medium sized businesses without paying thousands of dollars, that was not at all possible, until NOW!

You must have a website today, otherwise your business does not exist. So how can you build a professional looking website if you don’t have Money?

Most surfers on the Internet choose the best and top rated sites when it comes to making a purchasing decision Online. If the website is attractive and looks creditable it can easily catch the attention of that visitor and a purchase is made.

So how do you build a website if you’re on a tight budget?

Now that you know how to build a site on a budget, the next question is:-

How Do You Get Traffic to your Site?

You must have a plan on how you will increase conversion rates per day but most importantly, you must figure out how you will increase the actual traffic to your site, to get paying customers to part with their hard earned money to pay for your product or service.

Remember: Most people buy on impulse, especially when searching on the Internet.

Here are the four great ways to optimize your website to get traffic at no cost to you.

Search Engines do Matter.

On the very first day of an online business, the concentration must be on how to get on the first page of all the major search engines. The higher the ranking of your website, the better the conversion rates will be. Theoretically, it’s a numbers game as well as offering a product or service that people are searching for on the web.

Your primary concern is how to remain on the first page of the major search engines and what method to use to get there. A tried and trusted method of generating traffic is through SEO, or search engine optimization.

The right step is to optimize your website. Staying on the top of search engine ranking can be very hard to do, but knowing what people are searching for (as explained in the videos) makes the task less challenging. Especially for new and existing website owners looking to get more niche traffic to their website. Search engine ranking is vital, but not the main priority for today’s SEO.

Content is KING!

Today! Google ranks a website on information and keyword content (body content) rather than just keyword meta tags alone.

DON’T spam your site with keywords, it’s all about getting ranked for VALUABLE information that people are searching for on the web.

Web traffic from search engines can be almost 100 percent free of charge. Through Organic keyword search phrases. Once a website ranks high, it can be very easy to promote high competency. Another thing, if the website has a high ranking in the search engines, the preservation can be very simple but must be done on a regular basis…

ADD CONTENT on a regular basis. Once or twice a week add an informative post or page to your site. Keep your site alive and invite the search engine spider bots back to your site to rank it according to the new keyword information just posted.

• Promotion and Marketing Method

The conventional way of advertising is out of reach for most start up small businesses on the web. The Internet does offer a “pay for every click advertising process,” but care run into thousands of dollars if not monetized correctly.

Advertising on web can contribute to more web traffic, but most advertising and marketing of any new website can be done cost effectively through Social Media marketing. The most it will cost you to market your site on Social Media sites, is your time.

• Recommendations from Friends and Relatives is Viral Marketing

Website owners must be concerned on how they can increase ranking through more word of mouth methods.  Viral marketing allows this to happen by using people other people trust to recommend their site.

There are many techniques on how to improve websites by word and mouth traffic procedure such as Social Media and customer review sites. Today, people value a business or product on what other people have said about it. Reviews are vital to your company success.

Second technique is by sending out emails. The money is always in the list. It is easier to sell to an existing customer, then to find a new one. Let website visitors know you will answer any questions or queries they may have. Keep the communication line always open.

Most of all, by participating in online forums and comments, by this way the website can get more visitors by talking about their websites and by giving them information about the advantages and benefits this particular website can give.

• Let your website visitors do your SEO for you. Encourage your website visitors to leave comments. Their descriptive comment will not only encourage keywords, it will also keep your site active.

There are many method and techniques available today to generate and boost traffic to your websites.

Never give up building content on your site. Your site can be a valuable asset to your business over time. Websites are real estate Online, and that should never be overlooked when it comes time to selling your business.

Once you have reached optimum status on the web and you have reached top ranking, you can invite other related sites to advertise on your site.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website, was brought to you by Fay B. Castro. I invite you to check out my YouTube channel to listen to other informative videos on Marketing a business Online.

Affordable SEO

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