Advertising Strategies to Women

Social Values

Woman enjoying the company of her childrenStep away from the predictable “product” as being the hero, in your advertising and marketing campaign, and focus on the end user. A woman and her needs!

Recognize that women have multiple roles to play in life, and embrace it in a positive way. Don’t portray women as being stressed out, frazzled, or at the end of their rope in your ad; instead, create an advertisement that shows her realistically busy, multitasking as usual, yet handling the chaos with confidence, and even with a sense of humor and a smile.

Tap into her mindset at a time when you know what’s uppermost on her mind. Target specific media related to your industry, for example: wedding websites to reach engaged women. And tailor your creative strategies with events or relevant hooks.

Women are social creatures so avoid authority control, being solo, defeating opponents, outranking others, making others jealous, being the top dog, and other standards that don’t connect with women.

Instead, emphasize bringing people together; creating a sense of belonging and closeness; offering the opportunity to help other people, young and old; values like excellence through teamwork, harmony, and mentoring; and making the world a better place. 85% of women surveyed said they wanted to make the world a better place.

Feature people your target audience can identify with and relate to, attractive “Normal” women, rather than “Perfect” women. Most women don’t even want to be supermodels – honest!

Let your consumer know about your good corporate citizenship, the good work done by your foundation, your donation to those in need, your support of the arts or environmental causes. Target prides itself on “giving over 2 million a week to the community it serves.

If a brand can’t be differentiated by quality, selection, and or price, in an impactful way to break away from the crowd, then you’re going to have to figure out how you can stand out and be noticed by women. What appeal can you create to connect with her emotions?

Remember: communication, content, and shopping are all valuable to her in her pajamas after the kids have gone to bed. So make sure your website is set up for ecommerce, if you’re advertising a product.

For women, the Internet is about connecting, and if there are no people on your website, then how are they going to connect to your brand?

Make sure you are active in social media. When she visits your website from your ad, if she sees that several of her friends like your site, she’s more inclined to buy.

Differentiate your product or service by featuring people in your advertising and on the packaging. Use friendly, “real” faces, so the ad and packaging really stands out in the clutter of your competitors.

Save money on the fancy features and put into warranties, guarantees, and free giveaways.

Women are more likely than men to change brands based on environmental concerns, so if you sponsor and environmental organization, place the logo in your ads.

Don’t focus on the product and all that is does, focus on the end user and how it is going to enhance or make her life easier, or better.

When embarking on a new purchase, men go looking for a good solution, whereas women set out to find the “Perfect Answer.”

Women don’t want workable solution; they want the “best solution that will get the job done right, the first time.”

Storytelling in testimonials

Women’s social currency is stories and personal details. Focus on telling a “story” (about the customer) rather than an “us” story (the actual business) in your marketing and advertising.

Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words. By focusing on the end result, and not the product itself, it will draw more women to your message.

Women want: The “Perfect Answer.” So give it to them…


By: Fay B. Castro

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