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Fay B. CastroHi, my name is Fay B. Castro, (Bolton), the founder of Effective Internet Marketing.

I’ve always been fascinated by technology, and this fascination started back in 1986 when I took a couple of computer classes held at my local community center, and I learned the basic functionality of the keys.

I played around on the computer for several years after that, when my two girls weren’t using it, but it was not until March 2001 when I took a more serious approach and designed and launched my very own website.

I knew that a website had to be seen in order to attract customers and make sales so I learned about this technique called ‘Optimization.’ I enjoyed writing poetry so the site I create was full of personalized poem that I had written and I offered my services as a poet to create unique personalized poems for other people.

I studied the latest techniques on how to create a search engine friendly website, and how to gain high place ranking through Organic search, which meant not using a paid inclusion service.

Fact: Google doesn’t accept payment for inclusion (known as “paid inclusion”) of sites in its index, nor for improving the placement ranking of sites in its search results. 94% of Internet surfers said they used Google when typing in a keyword or phrase. 40% use Yahoo.

Having the technical knowledge, and always learning the latest techniques and requirements set forth by Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine, and hearing from frustrated advertisers who’d spent thousands of dollars on a website and launching it on the Internet to not receive one single response on their site, was extremely frustrating for them. As you can well imagine. I’m sure many of you reading this page right now are experiencing exactly the same problem? No visitor’s to your website.

It was not until the success of my own poetry website with top ranking for many keywords and phrases on Google,Yahoo and Bing search engine, then I started to receive emails from customer’s visiting my site requesting a personalized poem to be written for them.

I do hope you find the information posted on this website informative? I’ve supplied as much information as I possibly can to help create exposure for your own website, or blog, but I’ve kept a few little secrets to myself. I’m offering to you a service as a website designer and developer, and an optimization specialist. Therefore creating an online presence for your website.

Please view my price list page and you will note that my optimization service is very reasonable. Your business success is all about selling your product or service. I can help you increase your website exposure, which can only lead to an increase in sales for your business.

I own many marketing tools that allow me inside information of what people are actually searching for Online, and that has changed my perspective. No more build it and they will come, that does not happen anymore with Google and its new Panda, Penguin and Grasshopper algorithm updates .

Google is trying very hard to keep keyword search results to themselves, so that you will only have access to that information when you advertise through them, so it’s vitally important that you focus on Social Media and getting authentic links to your site.

Writing for Publication CertificateI have always known the phrase, “Find a Niche and Fill It,” that’s why I bring this website to you now. Running a business has become more competitive over the years. In fact, its become damned hard! Most small business owners are not sure what to do next, to stay afloat! Education is the answer. I’ve always been passionate about learning, you may call it an obsession, and sharing what I have learned comes natural to me. I like being the teacher of Internet Marketing knowledge.

I wanted to put everything in one place for you to access quickly, so you can spend more time on what you do best, running your business.

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Two crucial elements that many people overlook when marketing Online…
1. It takes ‘Focus’ and 2. It takes ‘Time.’