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Customer Commitment

Why should I choose you?

Woman Using Her Credit Card OnlineAll your customers want to know is, ‘why should they choose you?’ Why should they spend their hard earned money on your product or service? Why for that matter should they even look at your website? ‘Why? Why? Why?’

Once you know ‘WHY’ their doing something, everything else is just a matter of logistics.

Psychology is about understanding your customers and how they think. If you can survey them, you can figure out the concerns and questions that they have. Some of these questions maybe as basic as:

  • Why is your product or service so great?
  • Why should I buy from you?
  • Why should I stay on your site?

There are two ways to think about a commitment within your online business. The obvious one is a customer buying your product or service. The less obvious one is to get the customer to be mentally prepared to buy from you.

If you get your visitors mentally prepared to make a purchase on your site, they are much more likely to complete the purchase. And the easiest way to do this is through your websites written content.

In your content focused on the future outcome and not the purchase.

We know that people buy on emotion. Have you ever purchased something and never used it? Maybe the book you purchased or an inspirational CD you plan to listen to when you have the time… You only do things that align with your identity (who you are being) at that given time, because those actions automatically feel good to you. Anything that requires you to stretch out of your comfort zone is harder to maintain– and success requires consistency.

So when you are writing your content on the page and in the descriptive tag, write in such a way that your consumer is ready to take out their credit card as soon as they land on your site, because you have connected with their emotions.

What’s in it for me? is really a “WHY” issue. All it is saying is ‘Why should I pay attention?’ Give your customers the WHY factor and their buying sprees will reflect nicely in your growing bank account.

Your process must address the target audience and their needs. Often, costing or creating extra time in a person’s life is not consciously factored into the value of the product or service. Consider how your product and service fits in with the lifestyle of your target audience to create a connection and communication which is meaningful and carries emotional impact.

Focus on the rewarding experience you create for your clients increase your relevance: what are the biggest challenges your ideal client could be facing right now, and how much are they willing to pay for your solution?

Who do they turn to now for this solution? How can you provide your solution in such a way that makes it:

• Easy to understand and simple to do?

• Engaging, fun and exciting?

• Effective – easy to prove through measurable results?

Align with your client by using keywords and phrases that your ideal client uses to describe her problem, and preferred solution.

The reason why website strategies fail is because of a lack of understanding of the trio called attraction, conversion and consumption.

In order for clients to keep coming back you need to have a powerful strategy in place. A strategy that guarantees the return of the customer. That will not only get the customer back, but over time, the customer will buy more from you, and purchase products at higher prices and they’ll refer you to all their friends.

The words and phrases you use on your website will either help you get more sales or push your visitors away so it’s important to write in a friendly conversation tone.

So, how do you build a relationship with your readers in a really short period of time?

  • Write in a conversational tone – you can’t get to know people without having a conversation with them first, so use the words “you” and “I” within your copy because it creates the effect of having a conversation with your prospect.
  • Tell stories – it’s easier to bond with people who open up. Telling stories will help people feel like they know you. Stories are very powerful. Just look at all the social media sites where people share their day to day activities and things that are happening in their life.
  • Build trust – one of the quickest ways to build trust with your visitors is to leverage testimonials.
  • Show affection – by showing that you are there to help people, you will build a bond much faster. I do this by telling people to contact me if they need help or by inviting them to read my story and leave a message for me on my about page.
  • Relate to your audience – people get along with others who are like them. Don’t act smarter than everyone else, and don’t think you are better than your customer. Highlight any characteristics you or your company may have that your customers can relate to.

The fact is that people don’t choose to buy from you for logical reasons, but because they believe in your message and because of how you make them feel (emotionally) with your Brand.

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