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Constant Content

Constant Content

Marketing Objectives

Compelling and Useful Constant Content…

Interesting sites will increase their recognition in the search engine rankings on their own through high quality website content writing, that is informative and has a solution to a problem, or answers someone’s question.

Creating compelling Constant Content and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factors on the web.  Content is king! Not only become a content creator but become a content authority.

Users know good content when they read it and will likely want to share it by directing other users to it through other media sites. This could be done through blog posts, social media services, email, forums, or other means. Make sure you have the social share plugin on your site to enable this share function.

Organic or word-of-mouth buzz is what helps build your site’s reputation with both users and with Google, and it rarely comes without good quality content. This can be done in the form of text content or a video that demonstrate how to use a particular product, or the benefits of using a particular product or service.

Offer Unique, Exclusive Content

Think as a consumer and about the words that a user might use to search for to find you and your product or service.

Users who know a lot about the topic might use different keywords and phrases in their search queries’ than someone who is brand new to the topic. So don’t forget to think outside the box.

For example, a long-time basketball fan might search for [NBA], an acronym for the National Basketball Association, while a new fan might use a more general query like [basketball playoffs].

Anticipating these differences in search behavior and accounting for them while writing your quality content (using a good mix of keyword phrases that are highly searched and low competing websites,) could produce positive results in the search engines with a fist page ranking if done correctly.

You could also write an original piece of research, in the form of an article, or break an exciting news story, or leverage your unique user base built us through your marketing platform like Aweber, or Constant Contact. Other sites may lack the resources or expertise to do these things.

(Need to know your competing websites on the search engines in your particular industry or trade? Then contact us about our keyword phrase service.)

Considering creating a new product or useful service that no other site offers? Let me check your search market and competition first, before you spend the time and money building a website no one is even searching for. I’ll let you know how hard you’re going to have to work to get the message out about your product or service. I’ll let you know if you need to introduce product or service awareness to the marketplace because no one is even searching for it. Contact us.


Sacramento Marketing Consultant

Fay B. Castro