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Customer Retention Strategies

Customer Retention Definition

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact
After providing excellent service after the first contact, the next step is to help them remember that you are there for them when they have a question, or a concern. Staying in the spotlight is a huge part of customer service. If you are right there when your customer thinks of calling you, he or she will perceive you as being a partner, and on top of your game. Remember: It takes at least twenty one positive connection points before a customer feels loyal to you.

You can greatly increase the number of times your customers come to you, if you stay on their radar.

The Internet is an effective and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. Social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter help you stay on top. So is the use of e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing also allows you to promote events and remember client’s birthdays and other special occasions. Show your customers you think of them as a valuable part of your business, you will solidify your relationship with them.

E-mail marketing services allow you to track your customer’s interest and they’ll look for more information throughout your content. Use this information to further help your customers get what they need, and you will be an intuitively savvy entrepreneur!

Creating a unique customer experience differentiate you from others.

Customer appreciation events are a great way to give back to your client, and I recommend hosting quarterly events.

“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make Me Feel Important. Never forget this message when working with people.” -Mary Kate – Ash.

How do you get your existing clients motivated to become your wildest, best cheerleader? You institute a referral program.

What perks or bonuses can you offer them to move your client into taking action, and making referral? Here are some ideas. You can offer:

  • Free product or service
  • Discount on products or services
  • Monetary awards or gift cards
  • Upgraded shipping
  • Priority scheduling
  • Exclusive status
  • Invitation – only them

Most clients may already tell their friends when they received truly exceptional service. Having a program, you can motivate others to make that referral!

  • Are you sending client a survey asking them for feedback, suggestions, product and service ideas?
  • Are you sending clients a personal handwritten note of thanks? Even if you have to use the service or hire someone with good handwriting to send it?
  • Do you have a product – based business? Follow through with a phone call and ask if the customer is happy with your product. They might not have time to call you. It is very important to not solicit the next sale in this call. You are calling to make sure the customer is happy. If you are afraid of the phone, it may be because you are asking for the sale. What if the customer is not happy with the product? It’s not the right color, right size, or they just don’t like it? If that does happen, apologize and be honest. Ask, how can you make this right? Compromise and know what you can do in this situation to make the customer happy.

Get social. After the e-mail is sent, either at the same time or within two days, search for that potential new client on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and whatever other social media you are on. Make a request to connect with them. Be sure to add a personal comment in the request box, such as, “so happy we met at (event). Looking forward to connecting.”

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

How to Sell a Product

How to Sell a Product and/or Service Online… The hardest part about generating any kind of lead is getting prospects to contact you in the first place. If you’re just starting out and no one knows who you are, this may seem impossible. Like every other person selling a service, you want to make a

Understanding Human Communication

Communication Styles- Understanding Brain Personalities when Selling… If you are trying to drive information into someone else’s brain, make sure they understand what it means. Sounds simple right? But let me explain… Ever had those moments when someone is explaining something to you verbally, and you just don’t get it? It won’t register in your

Selling Techniques to Women

Reading her body signals correctly can make or break a sale…     Even a man, who is an excellent salesperson, can be way off base in terms of understanding a women and being able to read her body language as soon as she walks through your front door. When a women nods her head up

Professional Image

Personal Image Could your overall personal image you project make a difference to the number of sales you close? Does your overall image need a makeover? If you have a low self-image no matter how you dress, your body language and your energy will stop people from being attracted to you. Changing your outward appearance

Color and the Brain

Color has an Effect on the Brain Make sure the colors you choose send the message that fits with your brand attributes. For example, if you need to build trust and credibility, wear medium tones of the color blue to convey this message. Keep this in mind when creating your visual identity system for your

Retail Solutions with Women Consumers

Retail is a reflection of life. How to get women to linger, and enjoy the experience and more importantly buy more stuff comes down to the following principles:- Friendly, available help matters In the online world if someone can’t find something they are looking for they immediately go to another website or click on another

Sales Process Steps

Sales process through women’s eyes. As soon as the salesperson introduces himself to a woman, he is sized up to determine whether she can trust him or not.  The first indicator is his language, was he polite, and did he use good grammar? Was he respectful?  He made no comments about being a woman on

Face to Face Selling

Women factors Understanding the difference when closing a sale between a man and a woman can have a major impact on your closing rate. Whenever you’re selling, the sex of the person you’re selling to makes an enormous difference in how your pitch is received. Women are evaluating the salesperson as much as the product