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Mobile Friendly Website by April 21st

Mobile siteStarting April 21, Google will be expanding its mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

To get help with making a mobile-friendly site, check out our guide to mobile-friendly sites. If you’re a webmaster, you can get ready for this change by using the following tools to see how Googlebot views your pages:

  • If you want to test a few pages, you can use the Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • If you have a site, you can use your Webmaster Tools account to get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site using the Mobile Usability Report.

If you have questions about either mobile-friendly websites or app indexing, Google is always happy to chat in their Webmaster Help Forum.

Get your site mobile-friendly by April 21st or drop in Google search results!

Mobile phones are high volume personal fashion statements

With over one billion handsets sold worldwide every year, mobile has unique attributes versus other media choices including the locality, or geographic specificity, it can attain; and the potential personalization of the medium because each consumer has a handset. These factors are of major value to many marketers, thereby giving mobile the opportunity to capture

Design pages for mobile visitors.

Consumers using mobile Web browsers are visiting your site ‐‐ whether you have pages designed for them or not. If they don’t find what they want, their visits will be short before they go somewhere else. It’s time to pay attention to mobile visitors. Showing them tailored content to mobile devises improves their experience, therefore

Businesses Must Develope Mobile Marketing.

Chances are you’ve sent a text message in the last 24 hours, Right? And I bet you didn’t make money from sending that text message? Well! I have Great News for you- here is your chance to start earning money with simple text messages that you send out to your customer’s. Click Here to Learn

Mobile Phone Marketing

Smart phones like the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm and Android are revolutionizing the ways in which we communicate and conduct our business. Total convergence of practically all functions has now occurred on these hand-held devices. Marketing channels are now opening for merchant companies and advertisers to make their product offers on cell phones through software

Send Text Message From Computer

As of January 2014: 90% of American adults have a cell phone 58% of American adults have a smartphone 32% of American adults own an e-reader 42% of American adults own a tablet computer In 2014 50 Billion was spent on Mobile Marketing. Don’t Get Left Behind! You know your competitor will be using Mobile Marketing,

Send text message from computer

Half of new internet connections are from mobile devices. Let me repeat the Stats again. 50% of people accessing the web nowadays are doing it on a mobile device. Let that sink in for a moment then ask yourself‚ “Am I Letting This Fact Impact The Way I Conduct My Business?” Does your business cater