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Marketing to Women Concept

Why Women?

Marketing to womenFor a man, a purchase is fun; for a woman, it’s functionality. Therefore, two completely different mindsets, resulting in two completely different marketing strategies.

Women carefully consider the end result, want to be listened to, and want to be taken seriously. They want to read the material, and think about it. They want the “Perfect Answer.” Women do not want… An in your-face pushy sales pitch, from anyone.

Some marketers do recognize that men and women are different, but they worry that if they modify their product or service in ways meaningful to women, it will weaken the product or service appeal to men. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. Several companies have come to realize that marketing and service improvements, in order to increase brand appeal to women, discovered that their male customers became happier, also.

Marketing to women…

The woman’s market is truly real. The gender difference is undeniable, and something that cannot and shouldn’t be overlooked any longer in your marketing plan. The opportunity is inarguable, the female market is enormous, and the competitive advantage is unavoidable.

Marketing to women is not rocket science, and it doesn’t mean increasing marketing dollars. All that is required is looking at your marketing plan from a different angle.

I actually believe that marketing effectively to women is the most significant and profitable opportunity available today.

If you act now, by this time next year, you should be reaping the benefits of a business – building initiative that boost your shares, customer loyalty, and marketing return on your investment, all because you started communicating with women.

“How do you do that,” I hear you ask: Through social media

Women dominate nearly every major social media network. Weekly, 67.5 million women are logged on to social media sites. They drive 62% of daily Facebook activity, and 68% of traffic on Pinterest. They comprise 53% of Twitter users and tweet more frequently than men. Women who are active on social media also tend to be active across many social platforms.

87 million women are active on the Internet in the U.S alone.  Women are engaged with social media. Women are the majority of social media users on sites like Facebook, and Twitter.

The reason is social media offers benefits and improvements to a woman’s quality of life. Whether it’s adding convenience to a work arrangement, harnessing information for decision-making, managing relationships, or juggling a variety of other responsibilities, social tools provide a convenient and efficient way for women to manage with other women.

The practical benefits of social media are that it combines emotional fulfillment features making it likely that women will not only continue to engage with social media, but with future related originality, as well.

What social media symbolizes is; increased access to both information and platforms to express ideas.

By recognizing women as complete people, and not just as limited stereotypes, and by understanding that their interest in emerging technologies is a reflection of the various aspects of their identities, is a useful starting point for organizations that hope to reach and engage women online.

There are over 56 million women use Facebook in the United States, and for marketers this means one very important thing –- if you have a brand, product or company that targets women, Facebook is the place to be.

Forward – thinking companies are finding ways to capitalize on this– by developing marketing plans that address women’s multifaceted lifestyles, and by evaluating and retraining existing sales and customer service forces to better serving women’s needs and interests.

Women say they value the Internet because it strengthens their bonds with others; 62 percent of women claim that the Internet is improved their connection to parents, siblings, and children.

Companies targeting the small business market and looking to open new accounts need to focus in on the fact that women business owners accounted for a full 70 percent of all new businesses start – up over the past decade!

Women use their verbal skills to build bonds with other people. Women get closer by talking together. So give her something to say about you…


By: Fay B. Castro

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