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Increase Brain Power

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The brain is the most complex organ in your body, without it we wouldn’t experience touch, sight, or smell. Everything we do like eating, talking, walking, thinking, remembering and sleeping, is controlled and processed by our brain. So it’s important we take good care of it, to keep it active, healthy and functioning at its utmost peak performance…

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Brain Energy

We are more alike than we think. No matter what color our skin, we are 99 percent plus alike. Our genetic material is similar to one another. There is a tiny group of cells in our Left Hemisphere of our brain that Says “I am.” As soon as you say those words “I am,” you

Free Radicals

Free radicals can damage brain cells. Once the neurons are impaired, they can no longer function properly. Brain cell memory functions are among the first to go in a process known as senile degeneration. The Institute for Brain Aging at UC Irvine has implicated free radicals as one of the mechanisms by which Alzheimer’s disease

Vitamin B12 and your Brain

B12 Recent studies have shown that up to 40% of the population may have B12 levels that range from low to shockingly low. Perhaps even more frightening, a B12 deficiency can contribute to brain shrinkage, a condition associated with decreased brain function. According to a University of Oxford study, research is linking B12 deficiency with,