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Selling Techniques to Women

Reading her body signals correctly can make or break a sale…    

selling to womenEven a man, who is an excellent salesperson, can be way off base in terms of understanding a women and being able to read her body language as soon as she walks through your front door.

When a women nods her head up and down it doesn’t mean that she’s agreeing with you, it simply means she’s merely listening to you and processing in her brain what you are saying. She has several criteria to fill with her purchase, and if she’s not hearing the right words, you have already lost the sale.

In fact, it is entirely possible that a woman can be nodding her head up and down, which you quit easily perceive as she’s agreeing with you, when in fact, she could be thinking at the same time, “You just might be the lousiest sales person I have ever met.”

If you attempt to close a sale before a business relationship has been formed, especially with women, you have blown it. Women claim that recommendations from friends influence 54% of their purchase decision and nearly 70 percent of their new product trials.

That’s why building a relationship on social media sites is very important for your business. “Know,” “Like,” and “Trust.” If her friend’s on social media sites have highly recommended you, or your business, the odds of closing a sale on the first try significantly increase. If she randomly walked into your store and no relationship has already been built, she might find you too aggressive and “hard sell” and leave saying those famous words, “I need to think about it.”

Without understanding the different styles and rituals women and men have in communicating, this kind of sales miscue will continue to happen, until she gets to “Know,” “Like,” and “Trust.” you.

Closing the sale to a women

Remember: Women want the “Perfect Answer.” It’s a longer sales process whereas men are looking to make a good decision; “Women” are looking for the “Perfect Answer,” so keep this in mind when closing the sale.

As a result:-

  • Expect a lot more question from a woman
  • Expect a longer sales process

Salespeople are trained to try to close the sale in the initial meeting.  But women are marksman constantly processing and analyzing everything in their brain. If you rush her or push her, while they are zeroing in on what they want, all you are going to do is irritate her and she most likely will walk out that door, and never ever come back.

*A Women’s brain processes data connected to an emotion. If she has a bad experience with you, or anyone on your sales team, and it causes her to become upset, that’s an emotion forever implanted in her brain. If she had an unpleasant experience with you, she’s not coming back. Watch out if it was extremely traumatic for her, she’ll share it with all her Online, and offline friend’s, and that could seriously hurt your business.

Just as in the same way when she’s trying to make a purchasing decision, she’ll connect with friends, online and offline. Women want to consider, compare, and talk it over with trusted advisors.  It’s not enough the product or service meet her needs; it must be the best way to meet her needs. See the difference?

Women sharing information and building relationships are a way of life. So build up your social media marketing. It’s a long, slow process, but will be well worth it in the end.

Look at it this way; Women see the social world as a series of concentric circles that extend beyond themselves.  A spirit of “passing It along” is part of the identity from the get go.


By: Fay B. Castro


Mirroring – how we build a connection When we meet someone for the first time, we need to evaluate quickly whether they have positive or negative feelings towards us. We do this by scanning the other person’s body stance to see if they will move their body gesture to match the same stance as ours,

Finger Pointing

Finger – pointing is not only registered the least amount of positive responses from the listener; results show that they also recall less information of what the speaker said. Salespeople are taught to watch for a customer’s exposed palms when he gives reason or objections about why he can’t buy a product, because when someone

Body Gestures

The verbal component of a face-to-face conversation is less than 35 percent and, over 65 percent of communication is actually done nonverbally. The Eye Gesture: The first person to look away in conversation or in passing – submissive Eyes glancing off to the right: thinking about what just happened Eyes looking off to the left:

The seven secrets of attractive body language

The Face: Express an animated face, and make smiling a part of your regular repertoire. Make sure you flash those pearly white teeth. Gestures: Use expression but don’t overdo it. Keep your fingers close to your body when you gesture, and keep your hands below your chin level, and avoid crossing your arms and feet.

How to Tell if Someone is Lying

Women lie the best Women tell more complicated lies than men. Also attractive people are more believed that unattractive ones. Women who rarely tell a lie are easily caught, regardless of how convincing they may try to sound. The moment they begin to lie, their body sends out contradictory signals, and these give a feeling