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10 Rules to Business Success

1: Be Authentic…

People want to buy from someone they can trust, and the best way to create that trust is to be authentic.

2: Don’t Try To Please Everyone…

You’re never going to be able to please everyone.

Stand up for your mission and what you believe in without compromise, and you’ll build a loyal following.

3: Always Deliver What You’ve Promised…

You only have one chance to make a great first impression, with your customers.


If you say you’re going to deliver a product in five days, deliver it in three days.

Exceed their expectations, or they will take their business to someone else who does.

4: Deliver 10X More In Value Than The Price You Charge…

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, make sure the customer is going to get 10X more value than the price they paid.

When you over-deliver on that very first experience, you’ll set yourself up to have a customer for life.

5: Find Your Business, And Stick With It…

It takes time to build something truly valuable. Have patience.

6: Provide The Best Customer Service Possible…

A Simple Rule… Treat your customers as you’d like to be treated.

7: Never Argue With A Customer…

If a customer is angry or rude, give them a refund and respectfully say thank you.

8: Say Thank You Sincerely And Often…

Tell your customers how much you appreciate them. If you don’t, they’re going to go buy from somebody else who does.

9: When You Screw Up, Admit it And Apologize…

No one is perfect. Mistakes are going to happen.

When they do, just admit them.
Always tell the truth and apologize. Make it right anyway that you can, and you’ll turn your biggest challenge into your biggest win.

10: Forget About The Money And The Money Will Come…

If you’re in business for the money, you’re going to fail.

Making money is the by-product or the result of helping other people solve a problem or achieve a result they’re after.
The focus should be helping others, that’s when the money comes and when everything changes.
Do what’s right for your customers, and you’ll never have to worry about money.

So, these are my 10 rules for long-term success…

I’m confident that if you follow them, you’ll build a business and a reputation that will place you at the top of your industry.

The Art of Writing a Great Sales Letter

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Advertising Strategies to Women

Social Values Step away from the predictable “product” as being the hero, in your advertising and marketing campaign, and focus on the end user. A woman and her needs! Recognize that women have multiple roles to play in life, and embrace it in a positive way. Don’t portray women as being stressed out, frazzled, or

Good Stories are Priceless when Marketing to Women

Create an emotional connection It’s the specifics in a campaign that make women think, “They’re talking to me – that’s my life.” For one thing, the campaign creators that clearly know that women rationalize their purchases, especially when spending money on themselves. (Men just don’t seem to have the same guilt gene that women do.)

Divorced Women

Divorced Parents Women historically have been plunged into a lower standard of living after divorce, as a result of losing their husband’s income and benefits. Well this is still true, the picture is improving, driven in part that the facts that so many married women now earn paychecks and gainfully employed at the time of

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Eating Habits of Americans and Marketing Strategy There is no real need to look at obesity statistics, when a stroll through an American mall will do. Women have higher obesity rates than men, according to the center for disease control.  More than one-third of women ages twenty through seventy four are obese.  Women are expected

Strategic Advertising

We must consider your prospects as typical people, who are using rival brands. A women for instance, using her favorite soap. What could you say to her in person to get him to change to your brand? We cannot go after thousands of women until we learn how to win one. You must have a

Advertising Ideas

Advertising Strategies In a print ad, Ask yourself, “Would this help a salesperson sell the goods?” “Would it help me sell them if I met the buyer in person?” People are pretty well educated when it comes to advertiser’s must tell the truth. They know that they cannot, deliberately mislead people. However, on the other